Taking responsibility for our impact on people and planet

Seeto works hard to mitigate our impact on the planet and to work sustainably with our customers, our partners and our staff.

Building sustainable relationships and consuming mindfully help our business to maintain our integrity, tread lightly and embrace our corporate social responsibility.


Our Environmental Commitment

Humans are a part of a global ecosystem, and we require the health of the planet to survive and flourish. Seeto was created with ethics and sustainability at our core. Although we are a small, digitally native business, we’re constantly working to better integrate sustainability into all that we do, and into the support and advice that we give to our clients.

Our sustainability strategy is simple: We will give more than we take from our planet and help our customers to do the same.

Ecologi logoAlthough Seeto is a predominantly remote business, with little requirement for our teams to travel, we commit to both reduction and offset of the carbon we generate. Seeto has partnered with Ecologi to offset the entire carbon footprint of our employees, at work and including emissions from their home, personal travel, holidays, food, hobbies and more.


Trees funded


Tonnes of CO2e avoided

Minimizing waste and disposing responsibly

As a technology business, Seeto is aware that we are responsible for electronic waste of our own, and also for our clients. We ensure that we donate or recycle all electronic equipment in the most sustainable way. Where that is not possible, we responsibly dispose of all waste. 

Ethics and integrity

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of business conduct.  All Seeto staff take responsibility for their own actions and do the right thing even in the most difficult situations.

Our Privacy Notice supports our culture of respecting privacy, honouring our privacy commitments and meeting our legal and regulatory compliance obligations.

Our stance on modern slavery and human trafficking

We operate ethically and responsibly across all of our business activities. This includes championing human rights in our own business, and demanding integrity from our suppliers.

Although Seeto’s business and supply chains are not especially susceptible to slavery and human trafficking, we are committed to conducting our affairs and acquiring goods and services while respecting and not causing harm to others.

Seeto’s standard contracts require suppliers and other contractors to ensure that modern slavery, human trafficking, forced and bonded labour, and labour rights violations do not occur in their supply chain.

Buying responsibly

A key part of our service is guiding and advising our customers; as such we take the selection and procurement of services extremely seriously. We are conscious that our due diligence extends to our customers.

Our principles guide our relationships with suppliers — helping ensure they uphold the same ethical, environmental and business standards as we do. We consider diversity in our supplier selection, seeking to increase the pool of diverse suppliers and awarding business accordingly.

Seeto often procures goods and services through framework agreements and reviews its requirements for suppliers in respect of ethical standards when engaging with local and international supply chains.

Our Values

We are fair and transparent

We ensure that no decision leads to inequality, and share the reasons for our decisions

We do things because we should, not because we can

We keep things simple and add complexity only when necessary

We learn, every day

There is always an opportunity to improve, and we do this by embracing every opportunity to learn from our experiences


We communicate clearly and directly

We write things down, ask when unsure and give clear direction – to each other, to our partners and to our customers