IT’s not your job.
It’s ours.

Your job is to run your business. Add value. Increase productivity. Build relationships. Grow.

Our job is to let you focus on that – by taking the hassle of business technology off your plate.

With Seeto Concierge, we take the role of your business technology partner. Our team is opinionated (in a good way) and maintains high standards. We prioritise the experience, productivity, and security of your employees, bringing together the best technology solutions to streamline and secure your business processes, supporting your growth.

With Seeto Concierge, IT’s taken care of.

Seeto Concierge

For Rapidly Growing Businesses

Seeto Concierge is for companies that have hit the growth curve and need an efficient business technology setup with built-in scaling capability.

Our Concierge service starts at £4,158 per month. With this service, we take care of all your business technology needs so you can focus on customers, staff, products, and investors. We ensure that your business tech stack is implemented, maintained, and developed to a high standard, with a focus on employee experience, productivity, and security.

Your assigned Technology Operations Manager (we call these TOMs) is an experienced IT professional who understands the needs of fast-growing businesses.

Concierge Features


Assigned technology professional

Your TOM will provide technical leadership, guidance and support for up to one day per week. Our operations managers and support engineers are skilled IT professionals who make it their business to understand your business tech needs.


Comprehensive IT induction

Our one-hour induction session – delivered remotely during the first week of employment – ensures that all new starters are comfortable and productive with the technology your business runs on.


Secure and optimised business technology

Our ongoing work – including managing your team’s IT access and devices – guarantees that your business technology does what it’s supposed to do, smoothly, securely and efficiently.


Unlimited business hours tech support

There are always questions – but that’s what we’re here for. Our IT Service Desk is available to you and your staff between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.


Seeto’s Help Bot and IT Helpdesk Portal

The easiest way for your team to report issues or ask questions is through Slack. No need for emails, forms or calls! Our Bot converts the message into a help ticket and keeps you updated. Every stage of the support process is also visible in our Helpdesk Portal.


Orderly offboarding

When colleagues leave we keep your business secure by removing their access to your technology, closing their accounts and preparing their devices for other users.


For a small additional charge we will procure and prepare new hardware or rebuild existing hardware for our Concierge customers.

“Seeto are easy to work with and get things done. A proper tech partner”

Alicia M.

Head of People, LiveMore Mortgages


“We’re too busy to outsource our IT”

Sometimes the biggest hurdle to outsourcing your business tech is the perceived burden of the switch itself. That’s why we’ve made our onboarding process as smooth and constructive as possible. We start as we mean to go on.


We review your current business tech and control processes


We produce a roadmap that reflects your short and medium-term business ambitions


We connect with the relevant internal decision-makers and external technology suppliers


We set up your new service desk and Slack integration


We take over the existing business technology admin tasks and processes and begin introducing improvements


We launch the Seeto service in a way that suits you – with a company-wide email, a Slack message or even by joining your team on a call

Why choose Seeto Concierge?

Save money

Seeto Concierge is significantly cheaper than hiring your own experienced IT support staff.

Doing it yourself may feel like a short-term money saver but it’s a false economy if it takes time from adding real value to your business.

Increase productivity

With seamless efficiency, our user-friendly tech stack lets your employees work remotely, on-site or on the move.

Embrace scrutiny

In any due diligence or compliance process, business technology systems are closely scrutinised. We’ll make sure yours measure up.

Prepare for growth

You’ve developed a great service, built a top team and won prestigious customers. Growth beckons – and Seeto Concierge is designed to scale as fast as you do.

Rest easy

With Seeto Concierge your business systems will always be up-to-date, secure and compliant.

Impress new starters

Welcoming new recruits with the right tech tools and a friendly introduction on day one signals that quality and efficiency are core values in your organisation.

Get in touch today for a friendly chat about how Seeto can take care of your business tech.