Targeted Solution

End User Device Security

Are the tools of your trade your greatest vulnerability?

The devices your organisation uses – laptops, desktops and mobile devices – are the essential tools of your trade. But unless they are secure, updated and compliant with company policies, they are the most likely entry point for malicious unauthorised access to your company network and data.

With remote and hybrid working increasingly common, it is more important than ever to secure the vast array of digital tools that your employees use for their daily tasks.

Seeto’s End User Device Security solution does just that. We’ll help you to optimise devices for their purpose, administer security and compliance updates remotely and manage all of your organisation’s devices from a single console – protecting the critical resources at the heart of your business.

We’ll equip you with

Mobile device management software to secure your devices

Visibility of all your devices, software and operating systems

Functionality to remotely lock and wipe lost and stolen devices

Quicker setup times through automation

Managed configuration of almost all aspects of user devices

Our Proven Process

Our End User Device solution is tailored to the needs of startups and fast-growing businesses. 

We will help you to implement seamless and easy to use protection on both employee-owned (‘Bring Your Own Device’ or ‘BYOD’) and company-owned laptops, tablets and phones – so that your systems are secure, whichever tool your colleagues use. 

  1. We audit your organisation’s devices and identify at-risk devices
  2. We implement a market-leading Mobile Device Management application – typically Microsoft Intune – on all devices
  3. We ensure that all enrolled devices are patched and up-to-date from day one
  4. We install antivirus, drive encryption and backup software on all devices
  5. We set up an automated patching schedule to ensure continuous protection for your devices
  6. If your staff use their own devices we implement a BYOD programme to cover these too

Why choose End User Device Security?


Protect your devices against malware and prevent lost or stolen devices from being used to access your data.


No more updates device-by-device – manage your device security with bulk updates through one central console.


Allow your employees to use their own devices – safe in the knowledge that they are compliant with the latest best practices.


Minimise the chances of reputational damage that a data loss or a compliance failure can cause.

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