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Security Culture

According to our friends at Bob’s Business, 90% of data security breaches occur as a result of human error. Perhaps that’s not surprising when so much discussion about cyber security focuses on the technology – rather than the people using it.

A truly secure organisation is one where data protection is embedded in the culture, where well-informed staff are alert to potential threats and take responsibility for the systems they use.

Your people are your first and last line of defence. Make sure they know it.

Security Culture Features

For more than a decade our consultants have been helping teams to understand the role they play in a secure cyber culture. Our training partner is Bob’s Business – an NCSC-certified provider of online cybersecurity awareness and GDPR training. Together we offer:

  • Empowering, enjoyable and effective training sessions
  • A choice of over 60 courses, including Cyber Awareness and Compliance training
  • Optional Phishing Simulations
  • The opportunity to upload custom content, such as in-house developed courses, policy documents and more to ensure your training is tailored to your business

Our Proven Process

  1. We start with a short assessment to choose and prioritise the courses that will offer your organisation the greatest immediate impact

  2. We configure your learning management system following Bob’s Business and Seeto best practices

  3. If you’re using custom content in your training, we integrate that into the learning management system

  4. We train nominated internal administrators in reporting and user management

  5. Along with the internal project stakeholders, we produce a communications plan for the business

  6. We introduce staff to the learning management system

  7. Finally, we hand over the technical documentation and let you and your team enjoy the courses

Why choose Security Culture?


Data security is everybody’s responsibility. By giving your team the right knowledge and tools, you can trust them to play their part in protecting your company’s data and systems. 


The vast majority of data breaches are made possible by poor internal data handling. Training your staff will ensure that everyone is alert to the risks and that security becomes a habit, not an afterthought.


Whether you’re in a due diligence process, bidding for a major contract or seeking compliance with industry regulations, an all-hands approach to security minimises the risk of costly weak links in your organisations.

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