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People Management

For a small company it’s easy enough to store HR records on spreadsheets, to sign, scan and email paper contracts, or to let individual managers administer their own hiring processes.

But as soon as you start growing, this approach will hold you back, weakening your employee data management and harming your reputation among applicants and new starters.

Seeto’s People Management solution will fully modernise the administration of your workforce from recruitment and onboarding to smooth offboarding. We’ll help you to improve the experience for hiring managers, applicants, new starters and old hands – making HR a cornerstone of your company culture.

Our People Management solution combines our team’s deep knowledge of HR tech best practices with BambooHR’s market-leading software platform.

We’ll equip you with

Electronic signature capability for contracts and other documents

Robust workflows for hiring and terminating employees

Functionality to delegate onboarding and offboarding tasks to the appropriate managers

Built-in applicant tracking

Secure storage of the full HR record, including comprehensive audit trail

A self-service portal for booking leave and updating personal details, including robust, customisable approval processes and notifications to line managers and HR/finance administrators

Our Proven Process

Seeto’s consultants have wide experience of implementing and running HR software across teams of all sizes, from 5 – 500 people.

  1. We put together a project plan and, with the staff member who manages HR, assign internal project roles
  2. Once we have access to the relevant systems in your organisation, we help you buy the HR software licences and configure the software according to BambooHR/Seeto best practices
  3. Then we  set up your company’s HR policies and processes, including time off policies, onboarding and offboarding tasks
  4. We train the staff member responsible for HR so they can manage the system following project close
  5. We review and change access permissions for all roles, such as HR, manager and employee
  6. Together we determine what data is to be imported into the system, allowing us to create employee profiles including personal details, job information, reporting lines, emergency contacts and any other relevant data
  7. We create an onboarding task list for when employees  first log in, such as uploading a profile picture or reviewing their personal information
  8. After testing the system on a pilot group we train the rest of your staff and invite them to log into the system
  9. We hand over technical documentation and close the project

Why choose People Management?


No more struggling to store CVs and keep track of applicants, interviews and feedback. Hire like a professional recruiter and impress your applicants from first contact to day one on the job.


With centralised employee records and streamlined workflow, every aspect of managing your HR – from managing leave and calculating entitlements to analysing staff performance – becomes more efficient.


Culture is about more than software, of course, but you’ll find it easier to foster a strong company culture with tools like a customisable new hire pack, public getting-to-know-you questions and employee satisfaction surveys.


With a modern, digital HR platform that is built to scale, you can let your business needs dictate the pace of your growth – not your filing system.

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