Targeted Solution

Business Technology Health Check

The explosion in web-based business technology tools in recent years has seen many companies – and departments – add layer upon layer to their tech estate. But a lack of integration and oversight means that the tools are not being used to their full advantage and can even be counter-productive.

You know you need to get a grip of your business technology – but where should you start?

With a detailed inventory of your current business technology tools and a clearly prioritised pathway to a more efficient, integrated and compliant structure, Seeto’s Business Technology Health Check is essential for small companies anticipating rapid growth.

We’ll equip you with

An understanding of the highest-priority business technology risks

Recommendations of key technology and process improvements

A professional opinion of any areas where your business might fail a Cyber Essentials audit

Targeted support to make the most of your business technology

Our Proven Process

  1. We interview key stakeholders about the business technology tools their teams use – why they use them, how they are maintained and updated, and who is responsible

  2. We go deeper with stakeholders across the business, to gain a complete view of how the tools are being used on the ground

  3. In a written report we identify the highest-priority risks to be addressed and recommend a prioritised set of technology and process improvements

  4. We highlight any areas that would fail a Cyber Essentials audit

  5. We meet key stakeholders again to agree on the next steps

Why choose a Business Technology Health Check?


Ensure that you’re getting full value from the business technology tools you’ve already invested in.


Many organisations are afraid to touch the tools they use most often – but these should be the priority for productivity and security improvements. We’ll put you back in charge of your business technology.


We’ll bring a neutral, productivity-focused mindset to your business technology, with recommendations that will benefit your organisation as a whole.


It’s easy to keep putting off – but whether you see it as good housekeeping, mitigating risks or a crucial preparation for a due diligence process, a Seeto Business Technology Diagnosis means one less thing to worry about.

Get in touch today for a friendly chat about how Seeto can take care of your business tech.