Targeted Solution

Identity Management

Unified digital access is the foundation of your cyber security

As your business grows, you will add new users, devices and applications to your IT infrastructure. Every new addition increases the vulnerability of your systems, while the complexity of managing passwords and permissions escalates exponentially.

But with intelligent identity management all your organisation’s digital tools are gathered in one place and are accessible with one login. This is more than just good housekeeping. Identity management gives small and fast-growing companies a solid foundation for their cyber security. It improves organisational productivity. And it gives your infrastructure the scalability to match your ambitions.

We’ll equip you with

A market-leading single-sign on solution

A single identity for your employees and contractors that can be pushed automatically to your applications

A catalogue of over 7,500 out-of-the-box cloud, on-prem and mobile app integrations

A single, secure password for staff to access the apps they need in the cloud, on-premises and on mobile devices

Visibility of applications in use within your organisation

Integration with your HR system to automate staff onboarding and offboarding

Our Proven Process

Seeto’s consultants have been helping companies implement seamless, easy-to-use, company-wide identity management since 2016.

  1. We review your current identity and authentication management

  2. We implement a secure single sign-on (SSO) solution (typically Okta Workforce Identity Cloud)

  3. If required, we integrate your SSO with an existing or new HR system (such as Bamboo HR or HiBob)

  4. We automate user onboarding and offboarding

  5. We configure your SSO to provision and de-provision end user licences in SaaS software

Why choose Identity Management?


Take user identification and authentication out of the hands of your users, removing the risks associated with weak passwords, shared logins and inappropriate access rights.

Change implementation

Apps and authentication policy changes can be swiftly implemented and enforced across tens or tens of thousands of devices. 

Productivity (and cost savings)

With a single, central identity for each user, lost passwords are a thing of the past and the risk of duplicated tools across different teams is minimised – freeing up employee and helpdesk time.

IT hygiene and compliance

With Identity Management you can easily and clearly demonstrate your company’s commitment to access control, whether you’re seeking regulatory approval or in a due diligence process.

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