Business technology is often unloved. Email, laptops, HR systems and collaboration platforms will always take second place to building a great product.

A modern digital workplace should provide the security, productivity and flexibility to let your employees do what they do best. Getting business tech wrong will cost you money and impede your growth.

The Seeto tech stack is our comprehensive selection of segment-leading technologies, from the operating system itself to a core HR system and a range of collaboration and security tools. Whether we’re helping you with a targeted solution or acting as your ever-present technology partner, we start with these technologies.

The true challenge is not to select the best individual tools – although with so many to choose from, that’s certainly part of it – but to choose tools that integrate and work well together.

Our five principles for choosing business tech



Your digital tools should scale from 10 people to 10,000 people – prepare for growth early and don’t let your business tech hold you back.



Your teams should be able to work in a browser and on a mobile. It’s how we all interact in our private lives – and device flexibility means work flexibility.



Your employees’s devices should be secure wherever they are – because if they’re secure, your company’s core assets are safe.



No more copying data from one application to another! The better your chosen technologies interact with each other, the more efficient your workplace.



Yes, love! You should provide tools that people love to use, because nothing kills productivity like an employee’s resistance to outdated and clunky technology.

The sharpest tools in the box

We’re always happy to discuss the components of the Seeto tech stack and which technologies are most appropriate for your organisation.

In our experience, the products listed below are most likely to offer the best-integrated combination of productivity, security and ease of use.

The stack is designed to simplify the process of meeting the UK government’s Cyber Essentials standard. If you’re selling to large organisations this standard can often simplify your client engagement process.

Get in touch today for a friendly chat about how Seeto can take care of your business tech.