We help small, dynamic businesses with their technology – so they can focus on their customers.

Seeto helps rapidly growing businesses with business technology, so they can focus on their customers.

The Seeto Targeted Solutions focus on specific programmes of work to help companies resolve common business technology challenges, such as preparing for audit or certification, meeting compliance requirements from regulators like the FCA or exceeding due diligence requirements for client sales.

Targeted solutions

Seeto’s project-based services, targeting specific, urgent business technology and security needs in your organisation.

We’ve packaged our most in-demand services into short-term project packages, each one designed for an immediate impact on your company’s performance, security and reputation.

Business Tech Solutions

Business Technology Health Check

With a detailed inventory of your current business technology tools and a clear pathway to a more efficient, cost-effective and compliant structure, we’ll help you get a grip of your business technology estate.

Digital Workspace Health Check

A modern, integrated digital workspace such as Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace allows teams, customers and partners to collaborate efficiently. We’ll recommend improvements and help you implement the changes to harness the real power of the platform.

End User Device Security

Don’t let your company’s digital flexibility become your greatest vulnerability. Whether your team is remote, hybrid or even using their own laptops and phones for work, we’ll secure every device – protecting the critical resources at the heart of your business.

Identity Management

Simplify users’ access to your company’s tools with a smart identity management solution. We’ll centralise your user information, implement single sign-on and make onboarding and offboarding smoother than ever.

People Management

Make HR a cornerstone of your company culture and growth plans with a secure and scalable approach to your workforce administration. Let your business needs dictate the pace of your growth - not your filing system.

What is Identity Management (IdM)?

Put simply, identity management is the grouping of technologies and processes that determines who (which users) can access what (which data). The ‘identity’ is the set of data held about each user. Modern identity management ideally uses one central repository of identity data for all of the digital tools in the organisation – such as email, collaboration and HR platforms. This database defines what each user is authorised to access.

Also referred to as Identity Access Management.

Security Solutions

Cyber Essentials

Does your company take cyber security seriously? We’ll help you to prove it to your customers, prospects and investors, by taking you through the UK government’s cyber security certification process for small businesses.

Business Technology Security Health Check

Cyber criminals see small businesses as easy pickings – but that doesn’t need to be the case. We’ll identify the weaknesses in your business technology and prepare a pathway to security, stability and compliance.

Security Culture

Your people are your first and last line of defence. With a choice of over 60 enjoyable and effective training sessions, you can give them the knowledge, tools and habits that will make your culture a security culture.

Securing Remote Workers

A more dispersed work environment fundamentally changes your organisation’s security needs. Enjoy the operational benefits of hybrid or remote working without putting your data and systems at risk.

Email Security

91% of UK companies say they experienced a phishing attack in 2021. But with multiple layers of advanced protection, we’ll help you protect your mailboxes, data and staff from a wide range of social and technical threats.

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