Targeted Solution

Digital Workspace Health Check

Digital workspace – the business mindset that prioritises flexibility, collaboration and security

Interacting with our families and friends, organising our households, shopping, paying bills, consuming media – every aspect of our personal lives has gone digital.

In the corporate sphere the transformation is gathering pace, with investment in the digital workspace forecast to increase sixfold by 2030. Remote working, cloud services and the gig economy have become part of our corporate lexicon. With such a universal shift taking place, no company can stand still and expect to remain competitive.


Here, there and everywhere

The digital workspace is the technology environment that lets you run your business without physical constraints. It is a set of intuitive tools that work together to allow teams, customers and partners to collaborate efficiently – wherever their desks may be.

At the same time as it boosts your employees’ flexibility and productivity, a well-implemented digital workspace will also improve your visibility and control of workflow.

It’s like taking the handbrake off your company’s growth.

We’ll equip you with

A comprehensive understanding of your productivity and collaboration tools’ configuration

Recommendations of key configuration and process improvements

Best practices in your digital workspace tools for productivity and security

Actionable improvements to make the most of your business technology

Our Proven Process

Let’s make sure your digital workspace is fit for the future.

At Seeto, we’re passionate about helping companies make the most of a fully digital workspace. We’ve seen the immediate impact – in the form of employee engagement and automation of standard tasks – and also the increased confidence and professionalism that comes from a long term digital workspace strategy.

  1. We review your current use of collaboration tools (either Office 365 or Google Workspace)
  2. We review user access, permissions and overall security of your tools
  3. With an understanding of how your organisation operates, we create a digital workspace roadmap to address any issues
  4. We assist with the implementation of the measures outlined in the digital workspace roadmap
  5. We train your staff in best practice use of tools, helping you to establish a sustainable, productive digital workspace culture

Why choose a Digital Workspace Health Check?


The components of a digital workspace are designed to work together to prioritise workflow efficiency and collaboration across small and large teams.

Performance management

Freedom and flexibility doesn’t mean disorder. On the contrary, the modern digital workspace provides increased visibility and control of employee output.

Freedom and flexibility

Empower your colleagues to operate at full speed, fully connected to their workspace, whether they’re in the office, on the road or at home. 

Knowledge management and sharing

A digital workspace gathers your corporate documentation into one location, making it easier to maintain and share your organisation’s practices and policies.


Make sure that your business tools and working practices don’t fall out of step with those of your customers and partners.

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