Your Strategic Partner in Business Acquisitions and Mergers

For many businesses mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a key plank of the overall company strategy. However, with these opportunities come challenges, especially for IT teams that often find themselves stretched thin, with little bandwidth for comprehensive due diligence and post-merger integration. 

That’s where Seeto comes in.

Seeto is an innovative tech support partner for rapidly growing businesses. Having worked with large and small clients across many verticals, Seeto is well placed to provide specialist M&A tech solutions.

We take on the heavy lifting of due diligence, scoping the work for migration, and full tech integration, enabling your team to focus on their core responsibilities.

The Seeto Advantage

Ongoing Support

We become your dedicated tech team, ready to address your technology needs and challenges in real-time.

Implementation Programmes

We guide businesses through the complexities of cybersecurity certification, Mobile Device Management, and Identity Management.


The Seeto Stack

Our curated selection of technology tools and services, collectively known as the ‘Seeto Stack’, offer you a reliable tech environment deployed by leading businesses worldwide.

How Seeto Supports Your M&A Initiatives


Due diligence

Seeto’s comprehensive tech audit on potential acquisitions helps you understand the work needed to elevate their tech infrastructure to your standards.


Scope and cost estimation

As all our services are clearly delineated on a rate card, we can effectively estimate the scope and cost of the tech integration process.

Standard-assured support

Seeto implements and maintains the agreed tech standards in the acquired business and then provides full ongoing tech support, allowing the acquirer to review compliance with group standards through annual audits and regular reports.

Full integration support

We provide additional capacity to aid your internal tech team in managing the intricate task of fully migrating the acquired business’s tech systems.

One Solution, Multiple Benefits

With Seeto, the acquiring company can set tech and compliance standards and the Seeto team ensures the acquired business reaches the desired standard.

Seeto will support and monitor their tech operations against the expectations of the acquiring business.

Should you choose to proceed with full integration, our existing familiarity with the business and its processes ensures a smooth transition.

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