Targeted Solution

Email Security

Despite the availability of many other digital communications platforms, the use of email continues to rise. There are well over three hundred billion emails sent every day (and sometimes it feels like they’re all being sent to you).

91% of UK companies say they experienced a phishing attack in 2021 – and small companies are particularly exposed to email-based security risks. Customer services teams receive enormous volumes of email – both directly from users and from web-based forms – which makes it harder to detect phishing and other malicious emails.

With multiple layers of protection, Seeto’s Email Security solution ensures compliance and protects your mailboxes, data and staff from a wide range of social engineering and technical threats.

We’ll equip you with

A thorough review of your current email anti-spoofing measures

Additional inline protection to scan inbound mail for malicious attachments

Implementation of DMARC monitoring (if required)

AI-powered detection to block email-based threats

Innovative phishing detection techniques

What is email spoofing?

Email spoofing is a fraudulent method of impersonating another person’s or organisation’s email address in order to trick the recipient into some kind of action. One example of spoofing might be an email that appears to be from your CEO instructing the finance department to transfer money to a particular bank account; another might be an email that appears to be from your customer service email address asking a customer for their password.

What is DMARC monitoring?

DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance. It’s a way of preventing your email domain (such as ‘’) from being hijacked for phishing and other scams. There are a number of standard email protocols used by internet service providers to deliver mail and, put simply, DMARC tells these providers what to do with email that doesn’t follow these protocols.

Our Proven Process

With such an important information channel any improvements must be implemented seamlessly, without any disruption to your flow of email. Here’s how we usually run the project with our clients:

  1. We kick off the project with the key stakeholders and get access to the required applications (email provider, DNS)
  2. We help you purchase licences for the agreed email security product
  3. Then we configure the email security product following best practices and in line with your own company policies. If you’re adding DMARC monitoring, we configure that too
  4. Together with the internal stakeholders, we develop a communications plan to align staff with the project’s objectives
  5. We onboard staff and switch to your email security product
  6. Finally, we hand over technical documentation and close the project with a discussion about your next steps

Why choose Email Security?


If your customer service team works with email, only advanced AI detection has the capacity to analyse and filter the sheer volume of messages passing through your systems.


Our Email Security targeted solution increases the credibility of your own genuine emails and reduces the likelihood that they will get blocked as spam.


If your company’s email address is spoofed and used maliciously, it’s more than embarrassing – your good reputation takes a long time to earn and only moments to lose.


People are still the weak link when it comes to email – but with a company-wide focus on the potential dangers, email security becomes part of your overall security culture.

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