Targeted Solution

Business Technology Security Health Check

Being a small company does not mean that you are not a target for cyber criminals. On the contrary, small businesses are seen as easy pickings by cyber criminals –  but that doesn’t need to be the case.

With our Business Technology Security Health Check you’ll get a detailed understanding of the potential weaknesses in your business technology estate, along with actionable recommendations for strengthening your cyber defences.

Perhaps cyber security has dropped down your to-do list as you’ve focused on growing your business. Maybe you are approaching a due diligence process. Or maybe you’ve already achieved Cyber Essentials but feel that it’s time to check that your security set-up is suitable for your growing business.

Either way, our Business Technology Security Health Check will give you a solid footing for implementing fast, effective improvements.

We’ll equip you with

In-depth understanding of your current security posture

Actionable advice on securing your assets and your data

Expert insight into your business technology risks

A written report to guide your improvements

Our Proven Process

  1. We kick off the project with the key stakeholders, establishing the goals and special security concerns within the business
  2. After interviewing stakeholders across the business, we review your business technology estate – the various apps, platforms and devices that you use – with specific focus on securing your assets and your data
  3. We produce a written report with actionable recommendations
  4. We close out the project with a meeting with key stakeholders to discuss next steps

Why choose a Business Technology Security Health Check?

Peace of mind

Security is a constant concern for any business leadership team. With a professional diagnosis of your set-up, you’ll know more about the risks you face and how to address them before the worst happens.

Changing threats

As technology evolves, so do the cyber criminals’ techniques for breaching it. The security technology and best practices are ever-changing too – but an annual assessment of your risks and defences will ensure you never fall behind.

Internal changes

Accelerating recruitment, implementing new hardware or software, or moving location will all have security implications. So when you’re making a significant change at your company, it’s advisable to commission a security review too.

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